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Awesome Dungeon 1.2 OUT!

2008-03-13 20:11:33 by pusummaster

Well I released Awesome dungeon 1.2 within 24 hours of the original's release. I decided I might as well make a walkthrough for the people who don't have time to die.

1. Enter
2. Go north
3 Search the bottom right of screen to find ZOMG
4.Go North
5. Go into Castle
6. Go Forward
7. Do the chicken dance
8.Go west
10. Click light bulb
11. Click the arrow (after movie)
12. Go South
14. Click arrow
15. Click Jax
16.Flank the rear
17. Call on Mohawk Man
19. Vacuum
20. Click the Door on the right
21. Challenge the maze
22. Beat maze (or cheat)
23. Barrel roll in
24. Downer Cut
25. Go
26. Click in this order: Left Leg, Right Arm, Left Arm, Right Leg, Head
27. Go back
28.Look for second ZOMG on left hand side
29. Play bonus mazes

Awsome 1.2

2008-03-13 16:19:26 by pusummaster

I finnally posted awsome dungeon and I'm very proud. I will be posting and Awsome Dungeon 1.2 due to comments. Thanks so much for watching

For all who really care...

2008-03-05 17:58:09 by pusummaster

Today I am officially announcing the release of Awesome Dungeon (no its not an Egoraptor spin off I just came up with that name). Its my first real game so I hope you (whoever you are) all enjoy it. Even if it's only a little bit. This game is a semi-text based adventure. I say semi because if you get far enough there are animations and pictures. It will be an interesting game coming out sometime this spring. To whoever reads this I hope you are excited or even a bit interested. Thank you for (hopefully) wanting to play.